PWin Calculator PWin Opportunity Assessment

Empower Smarter Pursuit & Bid Investment Decisions with C2P’s PWin opportunity assessment and evaluation capability. It allows Business Developers and Capture Managers to conduct a thorough opportunity assessment of each item in their company’s pipeline. The PWin dashboard shows each iteration of your PWin assessment and allows you to observe how your strengths and weaknesses for that opportunity mature during its capture management process.

  • Calculates win probability for opportunities based on a standardized evaluation format
  • Maintains all historic PWin assessments to assist with evaluating progress through the capture process
  • Remediation approaches provide recommended strategies to improve PWin based on industry practices
  • Critical decision-support capability to conduct comparative analysis between opportunities in your pipeline
  • Customize questions, weighting, and remediation approaches to align with your company’s assessment approach
PWin Government Contract

In addition, it also provides informative tips on how to improve each area– something that’s very useful for those that may be new to the art of capture.

Recommendations to Improve PWin

PWin is a valuable element in the bid/no bid decision making process, especially when resources are limited and multiple RFPs drop at the same time. As such, it is essential to have it as part of your pipeline view. C2P allows you to easily compare and contrast opportunities in your BD pipeline reports and share reports with your BD team.

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Industry Insights:

PWin Is The Key to Effective Bid/No Bid Decisions For Winning More Government Business

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  • Competitive landscape trends on PWin usage
  • The 3 primary ways contracting shops are using (or not using) PWin
  • Why seasoned capture management experts continually update their PWin scores
  • PWin Calculator – The latest game-changing feature in the Capture2Proposal (C2P) platform
  • and more!