Opportunity-Centric Intelligence for Government Contractors

C2P aggregates solicitation, award, agency forecasts, industry briefs and analyst updates to provide opportunity intelligence throughout the entire acquisition life cycle.  Opportunity-Centric Intelligence for Government Contractors provides you with the key information to effectively evaluate an opportunity in one view.

  • C2P aggregates solicitation, award, agency forecasts, industry briefs and analyst research
  • Instant and daily opportunity intelligence updates provided throughout the acquisition cycle
  • Access forecasted opportunities to provide greater runway for capture efforts
  • All pertinent opportunity information is provided in one view to support effective evaluation
  • Easily augment C2P’s market intelligence with intelligence you gather through other capture activities
Federal Business Opportunity Intelligence

Forecasted Opportunity Intelligence Gives More Capture Runway

Team Capture2 knows that providing our customers with opportunities as they hit RFI or RFP is not enough for any company executing a successful capture plan. So, our team of analysts and technology experts integrate long range and short-range forecasts from over 53 Federal and DoD agencies in conjunction with various procurement and award systems. This allows our customers to identify, evaluate and target opportunities from as early as 36 months before the anticipated solicitation date.

Next Level Federal Market Intelligence

There are various contracting opportunity business intelligence solutions out there, but only a few provide the key information required to easily evaluate an opportunity. Where those other Federal Business Intelligence tools fall short, C2P excels by providing information, such as Evaluation Criteria (e.g., LPTA, Best Value), Facility Clearance Requirements (e.g., TOP SECRET), and the Agency’s Small Business Advocate for an opportunity. In addition, C2P provides Competitive intelligence on the incumbent contractor in one-click.

Opportunity Intelligence Augmentation

Unlike any other solution on the market, C2P provides users the ability to augment opportunity-centric intelligence data throughout the capture process. For example, if a capture manager has a one-on-one with the customer and determines that the opportunity’s evaluation criteria is going to be LPTA, he or she can just update the opportunity in C2P. This information is only accessible to users within the customer’s account; we do not publish your intelligence to the rest of the marketplace.

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"C2P has helped Optimized Technical Solutions identify and research opportunities more effectively, providing us with information that would be hard to find on our own without more manpower. Our customer success manager is extremely responsive, setting the bar for end-to-end support. C2P is a great tool, giving our company the information required to make smart pursuit decisions.”
"Capture2Proposal is a business intelligence solution that has helped us streamline our BD process. The service scope AI feature has truly been beneficial for our company in identifying new opportunities for TM3 that otherwise might have been missed. C2P is foundational tool for success!”

 Thomas Moore

President, TM3 Solutions, Inc.

“We’ve tried or evaluated nearly every tool on the market, and C2P is one of the only ones which is obviously developed by a team who truly understands the Government Contracting world. Even better, they use the most advanced technologies with a dead-simple user interface. On top of all of this, their support team is incredibly responsive to any need or question you may have. C2P is an absolute gem.”

Micah Zimmerman

Pipeline Manager (Business Development Specialist), COLSA Corporation

“I've used many software solutions during my time in government contracting and am thrilled with Capture2Proposal's effectiveness, as well as the visibility it gives us into our pipeline. I was immediately impressed with not only the responsiveness of the staff, but also the high-level of ongoing customer service they provide to our business development and capture managers.”

Brandon Hidalgo

President and Principle Consultant, Line, LLC

“Beyond identifying potential business opportunities, the Capture2Proposal Solution has provided us reliable and thorough business intelligence enabling better pursuit, teaming and investment decisions. We’ve used the other BI tools and at less than half the cost, Capture2Proposal is exponentially more suited to our business needs.”

Jon Kelly

Strategic Federal BD at World Wide Technology, Inc.

“The opportunity centric market intelligence that Capture2Proposal offers is amazing! IBM’s Army account capture team relies on Capture2Proposal to identify upcoming opportunities, receive near real-time acquisition updates, and research incumbent contracts. Saves us time and my sanity.”

Charles E. Waters

Army Account Manager at IBM Global Business Services – Federal

“Capture2Proposal is an extremely valuable tool to 8(a) business. Since incorporating Capture2Proposal into our business development process, our company has been more competitive, more efficient and most importantly has won more business! Capture2Proposal’s opportunity-centric market intelligence has empowered CTE to identify relevant opportunities, ultimately resulting in winning business with new customers.”

Eugene Tinker

CEO at Certified Technical Experts, Inc.

“Capture2’s search engine is extremely robust and task order detail is awesome! Through using PursuitFlow™ our capture, proposal teams and teammates can effectively collaborate from identification through proposal submission, saving WinTec time and money. A true all in one solution with the best business opportunity intelligence on the market”

Bernie Bean

Executive Vice President of Corporate Operations, WinTec Arrowmaker, Inc.