Capture2Proposal provides the capabilities you need to research procurements and teammates, manage your capture teams, and develop hard-hitting proposals to effectively close business. These capabilities were specifically designed with the requirements of business development, capture, and proposal managers from both prime and sub-contract holders, large and small.

Strategic Capabilities to Improve Your Win Rate

Opportunity-Centric Intelligence

Find, research, evaluate and track opportunities. Learn how to quickly identify your next capture opportunity. Click For Details

Find, Research, Evaluate and Track Opportunities.  By aggregating, cleansing and associating solicitation, historic award, agency forecast, and industry briefs, the Capture2Proposal opportunity search includes scope, acquisition strategy, timelines, points of contact, documents and incumbent performance in one result.  Search and filter by various elements, such as security clearance, evaluation criteria, and even keywords hidden in documents within forecasted, RFP, and awarded opportunities. Awareness of pre-forecasted opportunities keeps our clients aware of upcoming opportunities, providing them sufficient runway for capture.


New opportunities automatically identified and delivered. Learn how to never miss a new business opportunity.
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New Opportunities Automatically Identified and Delivered.  Capture2 makes market intelligence proactive! Capture2’s Relevant Opportunity AI Recommendation System analyzes your current pipeline and past performance to suggest opportunities based on the type of work your company pursues. As you accept or reject opportunities, our machine-learning model adapts to improve the accuracy of its recommendations for you, and only you.

Historic Funding Insight

View and evaluate past contract pricing. Learn how to research incumbent funding down to TO and Mod levels. Click For Details

View and evaluate past contract pricing.  A critical component in developing a Price-to-Win strategy is having access to the incumbent’s funding to-date. The Capture2Proposal Solution provides comprehensive funding analysis down to purchase and task order modifications.



Organize and orchestrate distributed team operations towards a capture goal. Learn how C2P enables capture team management and automation. Click For Details

Customizable Capture and Proposal Team Automation. Provides collaborative workflow capabilities that connect business development/capture and proposal management teams to collaborate, manage, execute, and track all efforts in one centralized location (e.g. teaming arrangements, pursuit/bid decisions, customer interactions, and proposal reviews).

Effectively Identify Teammates

Learn about the potential teammates who can help you win your next capture. Click For Details

Effectively Identify and Manage Teaming Arrangements. Enables prime contractors to identify the perfect subs and enables sub-contractors to link up with a fleet for major primes. The Capture2Proposal Solution automatically suggests potential teaming partners that have the relevant past performance and capabilities based on the opportunity’s requirements.

Proposal Collaboration

By Proposal Managers for Proposal Managers. Learn how C2P can manage and merge distributed proposal documents. Click For Details

By Proposal Managers for Proposal Managers. Schedule and manage proposal reviews, data calls, and tasks securely.  Easily identify reusable proposal artifacts, and accelerate your proposal reviews by merging feedback from distributed teammates and multiple redlined documents in one step.

Probability of Win

Stay on top of your pipeline. Learn how C2P tracks progressive pipeline development and calculates your dynamic probability of winning each capture.
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Smarter Pursuit and Bid Decisions. The Capture2Proposal Solution calculates win probability for opportunities within your pipeline – a critical decision-support capability to conduct opportunity comparative analysis, thus empowering smarter investment decisions as it relates to your Bid & Proposal budgets.

Secure Proposal Storage

Protect your critical future business. Learn how C2P delivers NIST controls to secure your proposals and meet DFARS requirements. Click For Details

Protect your critical future business. Your proposals are your future business and need the highest levels of security and data protection.  Capture2Proposal delivers a secure enclave for each client’s proposal protected by FedRamp certified infrastructure designed to provide controls within the NIST SP 800-171 Rev 1 framework.

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